SERS Substrate – Silver

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The silver SERS substrate from Silmeco is an extremely effective SERS substrate that enables ultrasensitive molecular detection for a wide area range of applications and R&D-purposes.

  • SERS substrates from Silmeco performs better than all competing SERS substrates on the market
  • SERS signal uniformity over large areas (up to 4”)
  • Very low background noise
  • Compatible with high volume manufacturing (HVM) process flows
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Additional information


4×4 mm

SERS active area

16 mm²


ppm to ppb

SERStrate surface metals

Gold (Au), Silver (Ag)

Substrate material

Nanostructured Si

Measurement area


Recommended sampling methods

Vapor deposition, drop deposition, substrate incubation (immersion)

Recommended laser excitation wavelengths

514 (silver), 532 (silver), 633 (silver), 780-785 (silver + gold) nm

Recommended laser power density

<10 W/cm²


Product sheet (pdf)

User manual (pdf)